What is PeSIT?

The PeSIT protocol, version E was published in September, 1989.

For over 30 years, thousands of companies rely on PeSIT to ensure organized, Managed File Transfer (MFT) in demanding corporate environments. Unlike the simple protocols FTP and SFTP, PeSIT was designed from the ground up with a focus on control and security in the file transfer process.

PeSIT’s file data flow control smoothly shares CPU and bandwidth resources among file transfers during heavy workloads. Transfer processes are tracked across the network using unique identifiers. Transfers can be triggered and executed with differently assigned priority levels. Neither the filename nor its location on the host or destination filesystem is ever shared across the network.

The PeSIT specification was removed from public view around 1995. PeSIT’s features are unique among the various file transfer protocols, and it is for this reason that we believe it should be published and kept alive. The protocol was and always will be public.

Access the protocol's specification